Sunday, April 10, 2011

My LiFe WiTh NeW YeAR

dah lebih 4 bulan lepas new year..baru nk update blog...tersangat la sibuk n have problem here..hope everything will go, Planning shipping for Tompok to KL..I'll give the procedure after I settle everything here. what I know, must get health certificate first...tompok mengada skrg ni..dia jumpa balik bini dia.mlm td, bawa balik si Itam,di suruhnya, mom dia bg mkn bini dia.sabar je la.pastu xtau hilang kat mana...hopefully, while I'm arrange his shipment, xhilang la...wa...costing to go now..have appoinment with my dearest friend..dah berbulan xjumpa....Daaaaaaaaaa

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