Wednesday, February 1, 2012

new life

first things first, happy new year and 'wilayah' day.hope not too late.
it have been along time seen I update my blog.more than year.
I'm having tough life here...struggle to success..and sometimes,I lost the momentum,make my self terawang-awangan...huh
hopefully for this new year,I can settle for everything with my struggle effort not to let down people around me.

seriously, I really miss my Family...and every second remind me of them.always though,what kind of daughter I am...huhu...

lots of thing I want to do...nk tukar nama blog I ni...supaya lebih senang org nk,xsempat-sempat juga nk wat..

ok dear...tada...=)
Lots of Love for my beloved family, family to be,and everyone who knows me...